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Royal Corset


Royal Corset——erived from the Emperor's court dress in Europe, it has become a functional dress with multiple advantages in one after scientific improvement. The court corset has 1 immediate waist retraction: the abdomen is pressurized by sections, and the humanized design completely eliminates the phenomenon of waist and abdomen "cutting flesh". 2 long shaping: bionics personalized design of human body, close-fitting not tight, firmly lock fat, fat will not flow around, long-term use can make the waist and abdomen cells arranged closely, change the effect for a long time. Super comfortable enjoy: his soft, comfortable, natural is not tight, solve the problem of the previous corsets some uncomfortable: tight, pressure, motion is not convenient, direct close-fitting wear, close to the skin, as if the body's second skin, a long time to wear, make shape a kind of enjoyment, become a kind of essential things, women lead maintenance shape fashion, women's health.

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